The road is long, make the journey fun

After months of preparation and long hours spent working on all aspects of Page 1 Network, we will be opening one of our networks to the public.

This is a very happy day, it should be a holiday. A Page 1 holiday 🙂

Let’s get serious

Currently, we have 5 websites that we are working on and our first one, a kitchen installation directory, will be opening up to the public in December.

The work that has gone into getting this website live, indexed and ranking on a local level is mega. This is our blood, sweat and tears website.

It’s been a learning curve for us and it has given us an idea of the work needed to get out network out there to be able to provide maximum to businesses across the UK.

What is on offer

If you are the kind of person who likes to have control of your websites rankings knowing that you business rankings at the top of page 1 of Google for all the local areas that you service, then we have a solution for you.

Let’s recap how the Page 1 Network works and to give you an idea of how it can benefit businesses online.

Our websites, have been designed and optimised to rank for local search terms:

plumbers London or dentist in Chelsea

We optimise each location page to appear for a variety of keywords relating to your business service. Allowing for maximum exposure for your business.

Now for the best part

When you want to take over a location page on any of our websites, we do not add your business details to the page, NO, we replace the page with your whole website!

Yes, you heard right. 

We replace the whole location page with your website and you can decide which page of their website you would like to open first. eg: Homepage, Services, About etc.

Open to the public

Location pages will be open for client acquisition on 1st December 2016. There are a few elements that need tweaking and then it is full steam ahead.

If this sounds interesting to you, save the date and be one of the first businesses to gain early access. Remember, it is first come first serve because it is one business per location.

If you cover certain areas and would like to discuss taking them over, please contact us.

Some exciting times ahead

The way we have designed our service, we can only benefit companies in the search engines. Our websites offer a variety of keyword search terms, a chance to be on the first page of Google, multiple website listings in Google search results and all traffic (potential customers) going directly to your website.

Page 1 Network is constantly driving forward and improving the rankings of all of our websites to offer a marketing solution that is second to none.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to any questions you may have.